Timber Railway Sleepers – Brown Softwood Pressure Treated Sleepers


Size : 100mm x 200mm x 2400mm

FSC® certificate timber,

Our timber is pressure treated with tanalith e for sustainability, these grade 2 sleepers are made to last and are of the highest quality, we pride ourselves on offering only the best for our customers.

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Size : 100mm x 200mm x 2400mm

FSC® certificate timber,

At JSL Sleepers, we stock Brown Softwood Pressure Treated Timber Railway Sleepers. These sleepers are been made of the highest quality and we offer only the best for our customers. We provide these sleepers in two different colors- Brown and Green. This type of sleepers is extremely versatile and adds charm to your garden. It is also great for flowerbeds or landscaping. Moreover, it is quite easy in maintaining. We deliver these sleepers in the following areas- Buy Timber Railways Sleepers in Woodbridge, Ipswich Brown Sleepers, Sleepers in Colchester, Sleeper Bolts in Felixstowe, UK, etc.

We offer these in two main colours, brown and green, these are incredibly versatile and can add a little something extra to your garden, these are also great to use for landscaping, flowerbeds and ponds. Our sleepers can also provide structure to retaining walls and are great for edging.

With our sleepers you are free to explore all types of projects and are easy to maintain, we are happy to give advice on sizes and amounts you would require, we are constantly restocking so there is never to long to wait until your new project can begin.

All sleepers are unique and will have a varied look, this means they may show signs of splits, knots and wanes.

Uses of Timber Railway Sleepers:

Railway sleepers are the most popular option for gardeners and designers. Whether it is used for outdoors use, rustic and distressed, or dressed for a smooth finish, you can expect a solid building block for any number of projects. We have a freshly sawn delivery of beautiful Timber Railway sleepers arrive at JSL Sleepers. These sleepers have worn appearance which makes them ideal for both domestic and professional purposes.

There are many things where timber railway sleepers can be used for including:

  • For borders and garden edging
  • To make advanced bed sleepers and planters
  • Seating
  • For ponds and garden features.
  • Play pits and sandpits

What Kind Of Garden Feature Could I Create?

If you’re dreaming up a garden design to give the best look to your garden area using Timber Railway Sleepers, then simply consider our solution of Timber Railway Sleepers, they can do just about anything. You can get a durable finish that makes them perfect for raised flower beds, and you could easily use them as lawn edges between the grasses, creating some beautiful garden features.

Creating a raised flower bed using sleepers is a comparatively straightforward process. Give a simple structure that can be changed into a pond just as easily, too. If you are confused about where to start, then read our step-by-step tutorials and guides for building a pond from timber sleepers.

One can also use this natural choice for retaining walls. And can lay sleepers both horizontally and vertically, and built up to the desired height.

Also, if you don’t have enough time or skills to create something yourself but still want to have these wonderful features, then worry not! We are here a range of garden furniture all made from sleepers. We especially designed our pieces of furniture for you to mix and match and look great in any outdoor area.

What timber are railway sleepers?

Timber has been used since a long time for making railway sleepers. Timber railway sleepers are generally hardwoods coming from oak, beech, and hornbeam trees. These are sleepers are easy to transport as compared to steel railway sleepers. Also, these timber railway sleepers are comparatively less expensive than the steel railway sleepers.

Get in touch with us today to find timber railway sleepers for sale.

How long do timber sleepers last?

Timber sleepers will last around 15-20 years if they are treated with green or brown pressure treatment. If they are untreated, their lifetime will be less.

Green Railway Sleepers

Railway Sleeper Brackets

(please note:- sleepers are treated but will weather over time resulting in slight colour change)


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