Green Railway Sleepers – Softwood Pressure Green Treated Sleepers.


Sise : 100mm x 200mm x 2400mm

FSC® certificate timber,

Our timber is pressure treated with tanalith e for sustainability, these grade 2 sleepers are made to last and are of the highest quality, we pride ourselves on offering only the best for our customers.


Size : 100mm x 200mm x 2400mm

FSC® certificate timber,

Owing to the Green Railway Sleepers – Softwood Pressure Treated Sleepers gives a perfect look for all garden uses. It generally provides beautiful straight edges. Besides, it is light in weight and easy to handle. We always try to offer the top quality products at the best price quotes. Our customers can easily find the full range of Green Softwood Pressure Treated Sleepers in all aspects of shape, size. Without having a single doubt, we provide a complete range of products in the UK!!! The areas where we serve these sleepers are Green Sleepers in Woodbridge, Manningtree Sleeper Brackets, Sleepers Hex Head Screws in Ipswich, Sleeper Hex Head Bolts, etc.

We offer these in two main colours, brown and green, these are incredibly versatile and can add a little something extra to your garden, these are also great to use for landscaping, flowerbeds and ponds. Our sleepers can also provide structure to retaining walls and are great for edging.

With our sleepers you are free to explore all types of projects and are easy to maintain, we are happy to give advice on sizes and amounts you would require, we are constantly restocking so there is never to long to wait until your new project can begin.

All sleepers are unique and will have a varied look, this means they may show signs of splits, knots and wanes.

Ready to Buy Your Green Railway Sleepers

Our new green treated sleepers are ideal for all your landscaping projects. You don’t need anti-rot treatment as they are highly flexible to weather and rain. We have naturally long-lasting sleepers that are probably the best option for raised beds and edges, tracks, retainer walls, pathways, and even for furniture.

To create an excellent contrast for your garden or house, use these eye-catching garden sleepers. Make any home, garden design, or raised bed with a sense of magic and allure.

Green railway sleepers are available in different lengths. They are sustainably sourced and are the absolute choice for strength, stability, looking great whilst. Planting trees and using wood for landscaping materials is the best way.

The green railway sleepers at JSL Sleepers can be used for constructing steps and walkways, garden sculptures, decking and patio areas, lawn, borders, and path edging. These can also be used to create unique garden furniture, garden benches, tables, and exterior seating. Besides these, green treated sleepers find their use in vegetable gardens, flower borders, and other such garden areas of the home.

Why JSL Green Railways Sleepers?

We at JSL Sleepers are dedicated to giving our customers the very best green railway sleeper products available in the UK.

Our company’s main focus is delivering new quality and the best Railway sleepers consistently with excellent service and unbeatable rates.

We simply explain the way people buy Green Railway Sleepers, without compromising on excellent customer service, pocket-friendly service, and fast delivery.

We have an expert and experienced team that is passionate about the products that we supply.

We give a wide range of Green Railway Sleeper products and Accessories at an affordable price, to suit all tastes and project sizes. Our products are best for outdoor gardening and landscaping.

So, if you want a raised bed, retaining walls, garden walling, or building a garden structure we have everything to suit your need.

Moreover, no matter what, we aim to deliver the huge majority of our orders within a minimum number of days. We are known for offering the finest quality green railway sleepers at the best price range.

What are Green Railway Sleepers?

Green railway sleepers are becoming popular these days especially for gardening and landscaping. These sleepers are eco-friendly sleepers whose green color is due to a tanalising process. It is a process of treating timbers so that they can be moulded into the desired shape.

Why are my railway sleepers green?

The railway sleepers are green due to the tanalising process when the main active component is copper. This green color will change with time.

Do Green Sleepers change color?

The color of green sleepers will change with time. The color will also change as the timber dries or is exposed to sun. The green color will fade away changing to honey-brown and then to silvery grey.

Are Green Sleepers treated?

Green sleepers are often treated to increase their durability, lifetime, and longevity. These sleepers are pressure treated to make them suitable for external use.

Buy green sleepers online at JSL Sleepers. It is known for offering one of the best quality treated green sleepers in UK. Order online from the comfort of your home and receive your products at your doorstep. There are multiple payment options with standard delivery. So, what are your waiting for?

Order online today and get the best quality green railway sleepers in UK from JSL Sleepers. Use these green sleepers to decorate your garden and give it an attractive makeover. You can also use a promo code to get a discount on your order.

Railway Sleeper Brackets

Timber Railway Sleepers

(please note:- sleepers are treated but will weather over time resulting in slight colour change).


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