Heavy Duty Edging Railway Sleeper Bracket


Specifications :

1). Powder Coated Steel

2). 50cm / 20″ Tall and made from 3mm UK Steel

3). Universal to all sizes of wooden sleepers



Specifications :

1). Powder Coated Steel

2). 50cm / 20″ Tall and made from 3mm UK Steel

3). Universal to all sizes of wooden sleepers

Timber Railway Sleepers Edging Brackets are Heavy Duty and made to last. A quick and very easy system for mounting railway sleepers as path edging and brilliant to aid a retaining wall simply put into place and gently place into the ground, and screw sleepers to the bracket on the sleeper joints, using our own timber screws this is a perfect combination to fulfill your perfect project.

Affordable and Quick, Easy to install and Looks Great, and gives a professional finish.

Railway Sleeper Brackets is the original product and has launched Indoor, Outdoors into the world of online retail. It helps in building a raised bed of railway sleepers. So, if you are thinking of building the wooden blocks and Railway Sleeper Brackets is very quick and simple, with very few tools needed.

These simple stakes and plates can be generally used to create planters, driveway edging, and a lot more simple structures by using different Railway Sleepers. JSL Sleepers is known for offering these sleepers that are suitable for making corner joints and reinforcing the internal corners of sleeper-based projects.

Our Railway Sleeper Brackets are mostly available in Powder-coated, Galvanised, Stainless Steel, and Bare steel finishes in a variety of sizes and suits the different outdoor projects. As there is no correct way to place the brackets, so you can use your imagination on how you want your structure to look. It is also recommended to place at least 1 Bracket at every 1.2m if you are building a straight lodge.

Most of the people have been installing these Railway Sleeper Brackets so that they are visible. It is perfect for the decorative brackets and has been designed to be shown off. However, the standard Railway Sleeper Brackets are intended to hide behind the sleeper.

You can make use of Railway sleepers in gardens for a variety of different horticultural purposes. From creating rustic pathways to long-lasting raised flower beds these heavy slabs can add a bold and striking feature to any landscape.

The purpose-made new garden sleepers are often made from softwood and can be easily bought from JSL Sleepers in both the untreated and pre-preserved states. Depending on the quality of the treatment, the pre-preserved sleepers should last for a few decades. Its lifespan can be easily extended by simply applying a wood preserver and exterior wood oil before laying.

So, you can install your Railway Sleeper Brackets behind the sleepers for an attractive and clean finish!!!

(Can be concreted in also if you need a extra strong install).

Works with all sizes of wooden sleepers, and are durable to last a lifetime!


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